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VSCO Film Bundle (Pack 01-07) For ACR (Latest)




4883 and acr 4884 **Different resolutions/frame rates** I have never got a scan from the NTSC (and PAL) version which really confused me at first. I have only got an off-air video film from the VHS tape and for colour I have used the VHS copy of the original DVD-V (1012) of The Dark Knight. I know the film has 'colour bars' that are part of the DVD-V 1012 and I have in the past used film from the DVD-V 1012 to emulate the film for exhibition purposes. I have not used it from a scan yet but I have used the off-air film to see what the colour emulated look like. I use a 65inch Panasonic PDR-AX65 (Black and white only) to show the movie. I know this is for colour but for the purposes of illustrating the differences it will do. I have no idea what the quality of the film will be on a DCP but the hope is it is good as it is the DCP of a high quality VHS tape so I am assuming the film from the DCP is probably not that good and may even look worse. The VHS emulated colour is something that I am very interested in. I am not a fan of flat colours. However I have found the colour of The Dark Knight not flat but a little blurred and many colours are more yellow/green/blue than red/orange/purple as you can see. This is as the original colour bar is in the upper-left hand corner and the VHS copy is at the bottom-right hand corner. There are a few scenes in the film which have flat colours when the colour bar is visible but for the most part the colours of the original film are more like the emulated colours. (They are not as good as the original but better than any flat colour I have seen). To my surprise, the emulated colours of the film also look like an old movie at times. The movie itself is an old movie but the emulated colours look like an old film also. This was more noticeable on the first version of the film (The Dark Knight) but on the DCP version it is noticeable on some of the late scenes too. **Lemma (a definition)** In The Dark Knight (2008) when the police pull the armoured car and take the robber (The Joker) to the police station (




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VSCO Film Bundle (Pack 01-07) For ACR (Latest)

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