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Visual Planning 5 1 Crack Erodes




crack-erosion-03-04 (2). Perm edging. culvert 13 12 Table 12: Results of crack erosion analysis using. simulation software. and adjacent vegetation. Restoration without prior erosion control is a mistake (3). Altering the flow path by reducing a slope surface's erosion rates. NOTES:. 2  . or placement of crack-erosion-05 (3).  . 4. 2 -0. 5 -0.. -0.. 10 -1. 0... Two measures are used to define the failure rates of structures subject to cracking . Placement of vegetation to reduce erosion. . low thickness of the shear band . because of the need to develop a sustainable community based on sustainable. soil, vegetation, and water management practices. the middle course of the Rangitikei River in the Rangitikei District of New Zealand is considered. To achieve this, this section is divided into three main parts; the first part gives an overview of the natural and human impacts and the second part gives an overview of the soil, vegetation, and water. The third part will provide an overview of research findings that have been made into this particular part of the Rangitikei River. The Rangitikei District is one of the poorest areas in New Zealand. The New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) have identified that three main threats are occurring to the native and endemic flora of the region. These three threats are soil erosion, degradation of the biodiversity of the area and the impact of the El-Nino climate. The other threat to the region is that there are major. water depletion issues. This paper will focus on the effects of the El-Nino event on the soil erosion in the region. Soil erosion is one of the major environmental problems that the Rangitikei District is suffering from. Over the last five years there has been a 20 to 40% increase in the frequency of the El-Nino event. The El-Nino event is one of the three main environmental issues that are happening in New Zealand. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Rangitikei District is a geographically and socially divided area in New Zealand. There are about 5500 people living in the area. It is a poor region. The area is located in the centre of the North Island in New Zealand. The Rangit




Visual Planning 5 1 Crack Erodes

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